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Business/ Industries

No company is the same. That also goes for security systems we design and install. But for every company, big or small, we can make a customized solution so your company gets exactly what is needed. Whether it is about access control, camera security, fire detection, intrusion protection systems, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), queue systems or other retail solutions, you name it we solve it. That is our motto.

And we like to live by our motto. We operate on lots of different companies on the Suriname market. From a large production company to a small specialised company in Paramaribo as well as outside of it. Security to an office is different than security to an 24h operating production company.

At the draft of one or more security systems your business process is what we work from. If, for instance, a door needs to be secured by access control, it is important to know of what material the door is made, what way it opens, how often it is used and by whom? All these questions need to be answered in order to install proper protection. Sometimes we have to advise you something else to prevent your work process from being unnecessarily stalled.

In larger office buildings we advise to install an adressable fire detection system panel. One of the great benefits of such a system is the programmable system test which can be scheduled and executed automatically. This way you can choose to schedule a system test outside office hours, therefore not interferring anyone during work hours. Next to that labour costs are saved because sensors do not have to be checked manually. This way you check your system more often limiting the the chance of a defect sensor. Eventually security of your company will benefit more.

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