Who are we?

Who are we? Our company is called QSC, Quality in Security and Communication. Over the years we have delivered quality service to many companies, retail and private homes all around Suriname. You can rely on us to deliver and install that feeling of safety you wish for. Would you like to know who makes QSC into such a good and reliable company of electronic security systems?


Whether it’s about access control, camera security, fire detection, intrusion protection systems, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or other retail solutions, we offer it. We also provide communication systems, tube mail and metal and/ or weapon detectors. Your wish is our command. In a one-on-one conversation we offer you an estimate that will fit both your wishes and your budget.


New! Sensormatic has three new tools with which you can improve the measures you have taken against the spread of COVID-19. These are:

  • A self-calibrating Thermal camera to measure body temperature;
  • A Professional Video Monitor (PVM) at the door to inform the incoming people;
  • A People counting system that monitors social distancing.

A thermal camera will protect you, your staff and your customers better because this camera is very accurate in measuring body temperature. The camera is self-calibrating camera due to the use of a blackbody calibrating device. With this precision instrument it is no longer necessary to station your staff at the entrance to take every person’s temperature. Furthermore it will prevent a waiting line and create a faster flow. Click here to watch the video
A PVM at the entrance helps your staff to inform the public automatic through pre-programmed text, graphics and sound messages. It is also possible to connect a camera with facial recognition at the PVM in order to scan all incoming persons on their use of face masks. If the camera detects a person who is not wearing a mask, the person and your staff is alerted by the PVM through graphic and sound notifications.

What do we do?

We offer solutions and customization to