Queue Management

Queue Management

volgnummersysteemA sequence number system doesn’t only ease customers, it also eases the company’s management. Qmatic ensures an orderly progress of customers and the possibility to adapt customer flow by subject reducing waiting time in queue.

By entering the company, customers choose on the qmatic console their purpose of visit. For instance, at a travel agency someone chooses from:

  1. Holiday interior
  2. Holiday abroad, regional
  3. Holiday abroad, intercontinental

Should he choose for ‘holiday interior’ he receives a ticket out of the console. In the waiting area you’ll see your number appear on screen. This screen also shows you to which counter you should go. Afterwards, the manager is able to see how many visitors came to the travel agency that day and how many time was needed the help someone. This information helps him to improve the queue system to an even better customer satisfaction.

Each situation calls for a customized solution. Due to our wide product range, we can personalize your needs exactly. From a simple solution to highly advanced systems, we offer just the solution you need in your specific situation.

  • Q-Direct is develloped for situations where there is no distinction in services. Everyone waits in one central area. This queue systems orders your clients by handing out preprinted serial numbers.
  • Q-Nova also offers the possibility to refer called up persons to a specific counter or room.
  • The Qmatic solo system offers more because it can support more queues next to counter reference. It also provides management level data analytics.
  • The Q-Master system has the same options as Qmatic solo but can be extended to Q-Win Stand Alone or Q-Win Network.

The Q-Win Stand Alone system has the same functions as mentioned at the Q-Master system extensived with actual and historical management data. This helps managers to deploy their employees effective and efficient.

These client guidance systems can be extended by several modules with different specific functionalities. For instance, touch screen consoles, lcd monitors and other software like Q-calender (internet based) at which clients are called at a certain time (appointment).

Some companies that have successfully integrated Q-Matic are insurance companies, banking houses, utility offices, ambassies and governments. Actually every company where customers are lining up. In Suriname Q-Matic is applied to Assuria, Hakrinbank and SPSB.

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