Fire Detection

Fire Detection

By protecting your building or company against fire you make a short as well as a long-term investment. On a short term: after installing a fire detection system your employees directly work in a safer environment. You also safe costs on lower insurance premiums and have less incidents on the long-term.

Although there are many types of fire protection systems, the following two are most common in Suriname:

  • An integrated intrusion protection fire alert system;
  • An independent operating fire alarm system.

brandbeveiligingWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of both systems?
With a combined intrusion & fire detection system, you purchase a reliable and affordable system. Such a system is ideal for small buildings with less than twenty lockable rooms (starting from 1 smoke detector per room of approximately 16 m2). In general, we advise to put one smoke detector in each closable room. If you quickly wish to see where the alarm is triggered make sure the intrusion alert panel is set as a separate zone. The limitation of this system is that when your building has more than twenty rooms, smoke detectors will take up many zones on the intrusion protection panel. On a combined system each smoke alarm has to be tested separately. This makes the system maintenance-sensitive and labor-intensive.

On an independently operating fire alert system many sensors (smoke, heat or CO2 detectors) can be connected. We deliver panels with a maximum of 250, 1000 or 2500 connection points. These fire panels are so-called adressable systems. This means that not only the sensors give a signal (e.g. smoke) to the panel, but the panel also gives a signal to the sensors. This increases reliability of the system because defective sensors are detected earlier. System checks and system tests can be scheduled from the panel and be executed automatically saving labor costs.

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