Integration of safety systems and system design

Integration of safety systems and system design

QSC takes the lead in drafting and installing security systems. Our expertise in all sorts of electronic security enables us to integrate CCTV into other security systems as access control and intrusion protection systems.

Integration Safety Systems
Surinamese companies increasingly integrate security systems. With this, companies are better and better equiped in conjunction with the headquarter and the company’s premises. By applying this efficiency the entire security can be controlled and monitored from one or two security room(s). This makes a difference in deployment of staff but will certainly lead to a more professional use of systems. For instance, a door with access control remains open too long. Software signals this door is open for too long. Where in a non-integrated situation the security guard has to send someone to check the door with an integrated system the guard calls upon the image of the installed camera and can determine immediately why this door is open for so long. Therefore saving time and effort.

The building of the future: Building management
Building management systems arrange temperature, fresh air, energy and water saving throughout the entire building. QSC has been agent in Suriname of Tyco security products for many years. Tyco products as retail and product security by Sensormatic, IP cameras by Illustra, fire alarm systems by Simplex, access control by Kantech and Software House are known for their quality and ease of use. Recently Tyco merged with Johnson Controls. Where Tyco is leading in security, Johnson Control is at building management systems. This fusion completes safety systems from bottom to top, from access control to water saving. This company can, therefore, make your building as safe and efficient as possible.

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