No matter how high quality is it never has eternal life. The type of product, different circumstances as dust, exposed sunlight, ocean air, wind and moisture can affect the lifespan of a product. Therefore there is no average lifetime to a product. Most people have accepted this fact on computers, laptops and smartphones but tend to forget security systems are also electronical devices. As QSC we understand. That is why we offer to maintain our products.

Even though they do not have everlasting-life, we are able to keep your systems well-maintained, therefore maximizing your systems lifespan. Next to that we advise you to keep your security system maintained at least once a year to keep your product in shape.

Maintenance contracts

We offer the possibility to close a maintenance contract. This contract explains how, when and between what time span to respond to a malfunction. It shows what service is agreed upon. We offer the ability to make further provisions on spare parts used in systems.
Also on this part we offer custom-made solutions.

24-hour service

Malfunction? Don’t worry. Our serviceline is available day and night at (+597) 8801591.

Call us and our customer service employee will make an appointment.

Warranty terms

We are proud on the service we deliver as of the products we supply. Therefore we can offer you nice warranty terms. Guarantee on products is 1 (one) year.

  1. This forfeits when:
    • A product is defected due to power surges and power shut-offs due to EBS. You can easily prevent this from happening by placing a stabilizer or smart UPS (brand APC).
    • Equipment is installed or maintained by others than QSC technical engineers
    • Equipment is defected by water damage, lightning, fire or collapse
  2. Warranty on service/ labour:
    We offer three months warranty on installation of new products. After this a workorder will be drawn for each malfunction or a maintenance contract will be closed. If you would like to receive more information, please contact the sales department (tel. 462065).