Private Homes

Private Homes

Your home is your castle. We understand you would like your home to be a safe haven. We offer different (smaller) systems fitting to your home with the same quality as to any other business. We guarantee you a year warranty on all products and three months warranty on installation by us.

Most private persons are interested in a dependable and simple system. Coming home after a busy day you do not want a tough installation system. A simple operation should do the trick.

Even when you are outside of town, enjoying yourself, you would like to know your house and property are safe. We understand that. Therefore we offer different solutions on intrusion and camera security that can be checked and operated on your smartphone. That way you can realy enjoy and relax yourself while away.

But there is more! Would you like to know more on securing your private home by QSC?

Please click here or give us a call on + 597 531735. You can also fill in the contact form so we can contact you. A sales representative can visit you to inform you about the various possibilities and make you a free offer according to your needs and wishes.