About QSC

About QSC

Who Are We

Our company is called QSC, Quality in Security and Communication. Over the years we have delivered quality service to many companies, retail and private homes all around Suriname. We design, draft, install and maintain electronical security systems and communication systems.

Whether it is about access control, camera security, fire detection, intrusion protection systems, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or other retail solutions, we offer it. We also provide communication systems, tube mail and metal and/ or weapon detectors.
Your wish is our command. In a one-on-one conversation we offer you an estimate that will fit both your wishes and your budget.

Mission / Objective

QSC is an installation company that offers high quality security systems to companies, private individuals and (quasi-)governmental branches with the aim to enhance your sense of safety.

As QSC we wish to become marketleader in Suriname on electronical security systems by offering quality products from distinguished manufacturers and very well-executed installations according to our own quality standards.

A sales representative can visit you to inform you about how best to secure your company, store or home. We talk about the various possibilities and make you a free offer according to your needs and wishes.
After approval and downpayment installation is scheduled shortly after. Delivery is usual within 4-5 weeks. After installation the system will be handed over to you with a small operation training. We resolve malfunctions freely within the first three months after delivery. We offer a year guarantee on all our products.

Should you be interested in a maintenance contract for your security system, we would gladly like to inform you about it. This way you are ensured of our quality service anytime.