Catering Industry

Catering Industry

Catering industry stands for hotels, leisure and casinos. Specifically the first and last one mentioned are common to the Suriname market, especially to Paramaribo. Security needed for a hotel is different than security to a casino. At a hotel security to guests is main point and a casino is mainly interested in securing the financial aspect.

A hotel would like to protect their guests from fire, theft and other ways of criminal intend. Most hotels have installed more security systems. Access control is used on doors of hotel rooms but also to block staff rooms. Cameras are put in elevators, hall ways and other accessible areas to identify burglars and other inaccurate behaviour shown by people. An intrusion protection system is often used to secure street doors. Security systems are often integrated especially when a catering company possesses of a manned security room.

A casino is, off course, also customer oriented but coming to security there is key difference with it: securing money, chips, clients and turnover. Floor security cameras show what happens. Pickpockets are easily detected and caught. The only way out they have is at the hands of the police. As mentioned, security cameras also aim to protect turnover and chips. As QSC we are experienced in securing casinos with the proper security needed.

Do not think we therefore do not work with other smaller caterers. We also supply fitting solutions to restaurants, warung and bars and provide them with suitable (smaller) fire detection systems, camera security and intrusion protection solutions on their level.

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